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Fishing Packages

Coastal Fishing Package & Fly In Trout Fishing

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British Columbia Fishing

Coastal fishing and fly-in trout fishing in British Columbia are marked by extraordinary and unique experiences, setting them apart from typical angling endeavors. The region is renowned for its abundant marine and freshwater life, offering anglers an exclusive opportunity to engage with diverse aquatic species in pristine conditions. This distinctive feature of British Columbia opens up a world of adventure for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers, inviting them to traverse expansive waterscapes and immerse themselves in the untouched beauty of Canada's coastal and riverine environments.


Coastal Fishing Package

- 4 or 6-day packages

- Parties of up to 4

- Accommodation on a floating lodge

- Great add-on to our hunt packages

- Salmon, halibut, lingcod

Fly In Trout Fishing

- Rainbow trout

- Access remote lakes by floatplane

- Flyfish coastal rivers

- Accommodation on a floating lodge

- Perfect for groups of two or three

- Great add-on to a hunt package


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We keep our commitments and we do not over-promise.


We and our guides endeavor to serve our clients and provide them a first-class experience.


A premier area with the best guides creates maximum opportunity for success.

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