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Bear Hunting

Ocean Black Bear & Lodge or Camp Black Bear Hunts

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British Columbia Black Bear Hunts

Black bear hunting in British Columbia stands out as an exceptional and distinctive pursuit compared to other hunting activities. The province is celebrated for its significant black bear population, presenting hunters with a special chance to interact with these impressive creatures in their own environment. This unique aspect of British Columbia offers adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the vast wilderness and come face to face with one of North America's most iconic species in its wild setting.


Blackbear ocean experience - Not your normal blackbear hunt.
This hunt has more repeat bookings than any other hunt as it is
just straight fun. Clients stay on a 40’ cabin cruiser anchored
in a bay and hunt the shorelines from little aluminum skiffs. Clients will have plenty of action. Humpback whales, orcas, sea lions

, and grizzly bear sitings are common.

Ocean Black Bear


- 7 days

- Stay on 40 ocean cruiser, or barge basecamp lodge

- Hunt calm protected waters

- Large coastal black bears

- Spot and Stalk

- Bow or Rifle

- 2 bear area

- All you can eat seafood

- Natural hot springs to relax in

Lodge or Camp Black Bear Hunt


ONE ON ONE ..................................................... $ 7,500
TWO ON ONE .................................................... $ 6,500

- 6 days

- Spot and Stalk

- Bow or Rifle

- Not physical

- Great for families

- 2 bear area


Hunting in British Columbia

The black bears in British Columbia are celebrated for their adaptability and skill in traversing the province's diverse landscapes, from dense forests to rugged coastlines. This variety in habitats makes the hunting experience both a challenge and a deeply satisfying pursuit. Hunters can partake in various seasons and methods, including the main season in the spring when bears are more visible while foraging, and fall hunts which coincide with salmon spawning. These times provide unique opportunities, even for those with physical constraints, to engage in bear hunting.

Hunting in British Columbia transcends the act itself, offering a holistic adventure amidst awe-inspiring scenery, outstanding trophy opportunities, and the possibility of combo hunts, where encounters with moose, mountain caribou, and grizzly bears add to the experience. Renowned regions like the Cassair Mountains are particularly known for high-quality game. The hunts take place in expansive, secluded areas, ensuring a pristine and untouched wilderness experience.

Black bear hunting in the region is regarded as an extraordinary outdoor venture, typically demanding good fitness levels due to the varying terrain. While the activity involves strategic planning and patience, it ultimately provides a fulfilling chance to secure a magnificent black bear. Thanks to British Columbia's straightforward licensing system, accessing these hunting opportunities is feasible for many, making it an attractive option for those seeking a remarkable hunting adventure.

For enthusiasts seeking an experience that challenges their hunting skills and physical endurance amidst Canada's majestic landscapes, black bear hunting in British Columbia stands as an unparalleled choice.

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