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Kildala Adventures
Premium Hunting


Explore unparalleled hunting adventures with us. Our extensive experience in the wild, combined with top-tier hunting gear, ensures a premium experience. We go beyond mere outings; we provide tailor-made, memorable experiences, ensuring each hunt is not only a journey but a testament to our dedication. Our friendly, personalized approach means your expedition is more than a service—it's a partnership. We're committed to making your hunting dreams a reality, offering guidance, knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to success. Join us to discover the essence of true hunting adventures.

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Legendary Hunts Offered

Your next adventure … hopefully, starts right here. Whether an action packed, coastal bear hunt on the water, or an alpine goat hunt of a lifetime. We cannot guarantee any hunt, as we only hunt fair chase, but we will do absolutely everything we can to try and make your hunt a success. In the event that your hunt goes extra days, we have one backup guide (who is usually scouting) to make sure we have ample staffing. There is no charge for this, however, you may need to pay for additional flights within the area.

We want you to have THAT hunt of a lifetime, where every detail has meticulously planned in advance. Whether you are hunting from the barge for coastal bear, heading up the hill for that big billy, or on a customized combo package, we want you to have an unforgettable experience. 

Our prices reflect our level of detail, and we do our best to be reasonable, with no hidden fees. Price includes pickup from the airport or hotel, travel to base camp, flight (if necessary for your package) to spike camp, hunting license, tags and trophy fee. No extras, no hidden fees. Give us a shot, at helping you make that shot of a lifetime!


Late Season Goat Hunt & Fall Goat Package Late Season Goat Hunt - 10 days - Long hair - Highest probability for Book goat - Rifle hunt - Hunt from a cabin or winter campout - One on One - Rut Hunt Fall Goat Package - 10 day - Fly in - Record book billies - Backpack - Epic views - One on one - Bow or Rifle - Monster Fall Black bears

Ocean Bear Hunting & Lodge or Camp Black Bear Hunting Ocean Bear Hunting - 7 days - Stay on 40 ocean cruiser, or barge basecamp lodge - Hunt calm protected waters - Large coastal black bears - Spot and Stalk - Bow or Rifle - 2 bear area - All you can eat seafood - Natural hot springs to relax in Lodge or Camp Black Bear - 6 days - Spot and Stalk - Bow or Rifle - Not physical - Great for families - 2 bear area

Coastal Fishing Package & Fly In Trout Fishing Coastal Fishing Packages - 4 or 6 day packages - Parties of up to 4 - Accommodation on floating lodge - Great add on to our hunt packages - Salmon, halibut, lingcod Fly In Trout Fishing - Rainbow trout - Access remote lakes by floatplane - Fly fish coastal rivers - Accommodation on floating lodge - Perfect for groups of two or three - Great add on to a hunt package

Moose Hunt - 10 day hunt - River float, spot and stalk, or tree stand hunt - 40” - 50” bulls - Not extremely physical - Bow or rifle - Great combo hunt with goat

Hunting in British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia, Canada, offers unparalleled experiences due to its vast wilderness and diverse ecosystems. Known for its ethical fair chase practices, BC provides hunters with sustainable and responsible hunting opportunities. The region is abundant with wildlife, including moose, bears, and mountain goats, set against breathtaking landscapes.  The unique combination of diverse game, stunning scenery, and stringent conservation efforts makes BC an ideal destination for hunters seeking a memorable and ethical experience.

Monster Bears

Fall Goats

Winter Goats

Excellent Fishing