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Packages & Prices

B.C. Mountain Goat Fall Season Hunting Package

Price: $21,500

- Duration: 10 days
- Method: Fly-in access
- Main Focus: Hunting record book billies
- Approach: Backpack hunting
- Highlights: One-on-one guidance, bow or rifle options
- Extras: Opportunities for encountering monster fall black bears
- Environment: Scenic views

B.C. Late Season
Mountain Goat Rut & Winter Hunt

Price: $24,900

- 10 days

- Long hair

- Highest probability for Book goat

- Rifle hunt

- Hunt from a cabin or winter campout

- One on One

- Rut Hunt

B.C. Ocean Black Bear Hunt
Lodge or Camp Black Bear Hunt


Ocean Black Bear Hunt

- 7 days

- Stay on 40 ocean cruiser, or barge basecamp lodge

- Hunt calm protected waters

- Large coastal black bears

- Spot and Stalk

- Bow or Rifle

- 2 bear area

- All you can eat seafood

- Natural hot springs to relax in

Price: $10,900


Lodge or Camp Black Bear Hunt

- 6 days

- Spot and Stalk

- Bow or Rifle

- Not physical

- Great for families

- 2 bear area


One on One: $7,500

Two on One: $6,500

B.C. Moose Hunting


Price: $18,500

- 10 day hunt

- River float, spot and stalk, or tree stand hunt

- 40” - 50” bulls

- Not extremely physical

- Bow or rifle

- Great combo hunt with goat ($24,500)

B.C. Coastal Fishing Package
Fly In Trout Fishing


Coastal Fishing Package

- 4 or 6-day packages

- Parties of up to 4

- Accommodation on a floating lodge

- Great add-on to our hunt packages

- Salmon, halibut, lingcod


Fly in Trout Fishing

- Rainbow trout

- Access remote lakes by floatplane

- Flyfish coastal rivers

- Accommodation on a floating lodge

- Perfect for groups of two or three

- Great add-on to a hunt package

Price: $1,400


Mountain Goat Winter Hunt - This is our premium goat hunt. Clients may stay in a winter tent camp or hunt from a hotel. The goats are in the rut, so big billies are on the move. This, in addition to the cold weather, the goats are haired up with hair as long as 1', making for an absolutely stunning trophy.

Blackbear ocean experience - Not your normal blackbear hunt. This hunt has more repeat bookings than any other hunt as it's just straight fun. Clients stay on a 40' cabin cruiser anchored in a bay, and hunt the shorelines from little aluminum skiffs. Clients will have plenty of action. Humpback whales, orca's, sea lions and grizzly bear sitings are common.

Moose Hunt - Nothing typical here, one of the few places you're able to hunt moose from the ocean. Clients will stay in the 40' ocean cruiser and then take a small ocean jet skiff up one of two river systems. Once up the river, they will drift back down to the ocean, stopping and calling for moose along the way. 40"-50" moose are common.

Hunt Add On's

Blackbear Add-on: $4,000

Blacktail Ad-on: $4,000

Wolverine Add-on: $1,075

Grizzly Tour (per day/boat): $1,400

Float Plane Tour: $975

Helicopter Tour: Price on request

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